Beware When buying food

Almost everyone loves Chinese food; but buyer beware. China has been know for making many fake things and fake food is one of them.  You will find a list of ten fake foods you can find in China.  Globalization has made some of these fake foods readily available across the to the western world and are now available in Caribbean and the Americas.

Some countries have gone as far as ceasing the clearance of rice and meats at all ports of Entry if its imported from China.  When buying your products, please ensure you are buying your items from reputable organizations.


  1. Fake Eggs
    These eggs are man made with chemicals, that will cause serious bodily damage if ingested.  They will also cause memory loss.
  2. Walnuts filed with cement
    The walnut meat is replaced with concrete, so sellers can double there profit.
  3. Beef (Porks disguised as beef)
    The beef extract is added to the pork to make the pork look like beef
  4. Black and white Pepper
    The black pepper is made from mud and the white pepper was made using flour.
  5. Fake Honey
    Honey is made from beet roots, rice syrup or sugar.  This is even band in Europe.
  6. Plastic Rice
    The rice is made from potatoes and plastic.  Eating this rice will cause digestive issues and fatal if eaten daily.
  7. Rat Mutton
    Rat meat is converted to mutton slices.
  8. Chemical Tofu
    This is a cancer causing food made with harmful chemicals.
  9. Fake Wine
    Cheap wine is added to empty expensive wine bottles.
  10. Fake Buns
    The fake buns are made from cardboard.


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