Why Can’t Jamaica Get a Patent for Marijuana?

With the demand from Canada for marijuana to be used for medical and scientific purposes, this made way to a deal that estimated in millions for the Jamaican government. We also have seen the legalization of marijuana; one has to question. Why does Jamaica not have any patents resulting from marijuana?

Cannabis licensing authority was created in 2015 with the sole purpose of dealing with cultivating and distribution of marijuana for scientific and medical purposes. Now Jamaica stepped late in the legalization of marijuana game and also the research of the uses from cannabis. Were we being hindered because of how marijuana was viewed? Were we discriminating against marijuana due to how it was being used by Rastafarians? There is no love loss with or for Rastafarians from the Jamaican government. This dark history was brought about in Coral Gardens in 1963, “Government of Jamaica for the Coral Gardens atrocity of 11 April 1963, The Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante’s order to “Bring in all Rasta’s, dead or alive!”

With the growing partnerships in 2014 between Utech and American Lab Partner, the announcement of Dr. Henry Lowe in 2014 stating the launch of the first Medical Marijuana company in Jamaica. Jamaicans had high hopes for the scientific community and medical field, but we are still awaiting word to some success. Are we not setting our sights high enough? Do we lack the technological advances and are we not getting enough support?

Jamaica has the potential to reach great heights, we do boast about having the highest quality marijuana. We do state that we have the strongest strains. But are the people only seeing the use for getting high? Medical research has been under way. Jamaica has hosted its first Stepping High Ganja Festival, showing that we are making steps towards a more educated future. Jamaican company Medicanja was founded in 2013 and has products that deal with pain management, but the products has yet to be released to the public. The company is awaiting approval from MOH (Ministry of Health). Unfortunately the company has ties to international company from Delaware. Are we again missing out on full ownership?

So is Jamaica behind times because of its hate towards the marijuana culture, or are we not stepping fast enough on the road towards the future?

Now that the Jamaican government is starting to see the dollar signs, what are the future steps?


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Author:  Ghost Figher



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